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            About Us

            Jieyang Sensir Plastic Manufacturing Co., Ltd is a diversified household commodity enterprise integrating designing, production and marketing. It is located in Jieyang City, China, which enjoys the reputation of China Plastic City, and has an office in Guangzhou. The company has a complete and scientific quality management system and a high-quality marketing team. It has established domestic sales channels in many provinces and it is committed to exploring international markets. Our company produces and sells PE, TPE, CPE disposable gloves, PVC, PE cling film, PE fresh-keeping bag, aluminum foil, aluminum baking tray, vest-shape and flat-cut garbage bag, baking paper and other daily necessities. The companys brand JEWAY, CHUYI ,SENSIR JIEWEI, these products are healthy, environmentally friendly, innovative and fashionable, and have become the best seller in many provinces and received unanimous praise. At the same time, our company is eligible to import and export cargo and professional in OEM processing.Our products gained good reputation in European, American, Middle Eastern and Asian markets. We have established good long-term cooperation with top rank customers in different countries for many years. Throughout these years, our company has always adhered to the honesty and cooperation, gain profits with customers, constantly optimize product performance, we are developing with green, healthy and environmental protection products, always take the road of green and sustainable development, display an excellent posture of the development of modern new enterprises in manufacturing enterprises, and strive to create for customers and offer better services. Welcome friends all over the world to visit and negotiate business.

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